I have struggled with back issues for a large part of my life, due to injuries at a younger age. I also like to believe that I live an active life, as many of my hobbies and also my current job are all outside and at times can be physically demanding. I have always been a little worried that my back may end up changing this and limiting my ability to work and also change the hobbies that I participate in. It was due to these concerns that my partner organised an intake with Michel Labeur, he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. In the first intake he was able to identify the area of concern and weakness in my body. He then organised a workout routine for my next four weeks. After completing this program there was already a noticeable difference. Where I used to struggle to stand for a whole day, now I was able to visit the Efteling with no issues to my back, even after standing in lines all day. Also with my current work as a gardener I was able to wake up without stiffness or soreness in my back. I have since had an additional program organised by Michel to further progress my strength and conditioning. I have found this information and also the enthusiasm from Michel priceless. My time with him and the knowledge he has given me really has shown how I can continue to live the active lifestyle that I enjoy.